princess leia


WE ARE IN LOVE! Meet Leia, the goldendoodle. I wanted to name her Obi Wan. That was the name I had picked out whether she was a girl or boy, but Jordan would have none of that shit… even though he wanted to call the dog Carly. Because that’s so much better.

“Carly… stop peeing on the floor!!!”

Yeah, I don’t think so.

Leia was the decided name. She is the most adorable ball of fur, even though she is chewing on everything, which is to be expected. Pretty soon there may very well be no table legs or railings. Right now she’s sleeping, thank god. She’s like a toddler running around eating everything she finds. ROCK? Probably not… MUSHROOM? NO. This brown stuff? Yep, that looks like poop. Earth is one humongous hazard. THERE IS POTENTIAL IN EVERYTHING. How do people bring babies into this world?

On another note. I was going to share photos of the garden I’m starting inside, but everything has been relocated to higher ground until a can find suitable shelving that she won’t destroy.

I am going to be bombarding everyone with puppy photos. BE PREPARED.



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