all this gloom.

Rain. Clouds.

Then back to rain.

All of this weather

looks the same.

One droopy landscape

blending into the next,

dark looming figures block

the sunshine flecks.

The oil is dripping.

It has not dried.

Sip wine. Peer out window.

Do I really want to go outside?


garden, garden, garden.

Hello! It’s been a while… (since I could hold my head up high). Does anybody else always sing that phrase?  But it has been a while. Over a month to be exact. Oops. I’m not really that sorry. The sun is out, some of my plants are dying (typical), and Leia has turned into a little Lucy… if you know what I mean. Do not let her fluffy appearance fool you. She has most definitely gone to the dark side.

School is finished for a few months and I can finally focus on some things that aren’t anthropology and history! I have started my garden and most of them are living. Right now I have: broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, AN AVOCADO that is just a seed and a sprout, a raspberry bush from the wonderful Autumn, and some various flowers. So far, I have everything in pots on the deck so the puppy won’t destroy the plants. I have a small garden area out front that I planted wildflowers in. I’m so excited to see things start to grow and I just hope that all the rain will help them flourish and not drown everything.

Also, completely off topic, but if you like awesome stuff, coffee and wine then you should check out Nocking Point Wines which is run by two very cool dudes (ahem, Green Arrow). It’s where I got my soy candle in a stemless wine glass. 🙂