to all my friends

This is a note to all my friends. I feel as though I’m a million miles away (okay, only a couple thousand) but I still think about you guys all of the time. I don’t know if your thoughts are with me, but I hope so. Lives are constanly changing and new additions are being made but I still like to think that there is a tethered connection between our souls. I’ll continue to tag you in stupid memes and videos on facebook, and just know that it’s because I care. I may not pick up the phone as often as I should, but I still love you. 

I love watching you guys, a few imparticular, grow into these amazing humans, especially with your little humans growing right along side you. You go guys! It almost brings tears to my eyes… With busy lives, work, and family, I find it hard to keep in contact with my “other” families, but just know that you guys are always on my mind. 


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