Happy New Year, everyone. I’m going to jump right in and say I read 49/52 books. I didn’t meet my goal BUT holy hell… that is still more than I have ever read in a year and for that, I am proud. *Pats myself on the back.* I am in awe of the people who have hundreds of books on their reading goal list. CRAZY! Really, I couldn’t imagine having the time for that but I wish I did.

Anyways, 2018 was a stressful year for me. There was always a lot going on and I think I learned to cope better by only focusing on the things that I could control. And that’s really all anyone can do. I try to make the area I’m in as peaceful as possible (I’m working on my clutter problem) and y’know… deep breaths and stuff and puppy cuddles.

My resolutions for this year are the same as last year. I want to read 52 books, and I know I can do it and I hope to surpass that number by a long shot. I want to continue to write. Anything, everything. It doesn’t matter what but writing is such a therapeutic excercise for the mind and soul. Ah, deep breath. I’ve been writing less shitty rhyming poetry but it is still scribbled down in various notebooks that I may or may not get the nerve to share with the big wide web.

I just want to say that I read SO many good books this year and joined the bookstagram community and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It’s nice to discuss books and characters with people who share these interests because the friends and family I have that read my book interests are limited.

My favorite series of the year, and I mean absolute favorite, was the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas. I’m no book reviewer but if you like Young Adult fantasy with some steamy romance and badass battles, just go read it. A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab was another really good trilogy I read through and it’s an Adult Fantasy read. I’ve really fallen in love with magic this past year. 

However, I’m not going to continue to bore you with my spell and I wish everyone the best in 2018! 🙂





I am probably the worlds most inconsistent writer. I’m seriously awful. I say I want to do it frequently and here I am blabbing about stuff every three months. Life gets in the way, really. Props to all who do it on a regular basis on top of work or school and a million other little things.

I just started my HCA course and between that and work I have ZERO free time. Okay… I still am watching Grey’s reruns and ticking off some of my TBR books, but other than that my life is very uneventful. When I’m home for the weekends, it’s going to be spent working and quality time with Jord and the pups. They need all of their walks. AAAAAALL the walks. Because they’re puppies. I mean, I need walks too. I sit for 9 hours a day and eat probably double my burnable calories for the day. Whoops. 

*eating pizza pop while publishing this.*

a resolution update

I’m mostly writing this to urge myself to finish my New Year resolution. 52 books in 2017. I’ve finished 24 books since the middle of February and I’m currently rereading a series. So… 26 books? Does that even count? I think it should. Ugh, I’ve been so busy this summer with work and some exploring that I haven’t had the time to read multiple books until the wee hours. That is until last night. And I’ll probably binge read for the remainder of my days off. I should be grateful that it’s books I’m addicted to and not something else. *shrug* 

tender chicken lovin’

I like finding meaningless drafts I deemed unfit for the human eye. 

June 9, 2017

“You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when something you long for is finally within reach? After your 25 minutes of impatient waiting for the crisp goodness in the oven to be transferred to your plate. Mouth watering. You know what I’m talking about. Those sweet, chicken tender loving moments. It’s a love hate relationship with those guys.”

to all my friends

This is a note to all my friends. I feel as though I’m a million miles away (okay, only a couple thousand) but I still think about you guys all of the time. I don’t know if your thoughts are with me, but I hope so. Lives are constanly changing and new additions are being made but I still like to think that there is a tethered connection between our souls. I’ll continue to tag you in stupid memes and videos on facebook, and just know that it’s because I care. I may not pick up the phone as often as I should, but I still love you. 

I love watching you guys, a few imparticular, grow into these amazing humans, especially with your little humans growing right along side you. You go guys! It almost brings tears to my eyes… With busy lives, work, and family, I find it hard to keep in contact with my “other” families, but just know that you guys are always on my mind. 

pawhuska adventures

In February, (holy crap… it’s June and I’m just writing about this now…) I went with some family for a weekend trip to Tulsa where we traveled up to Pawhuska to visit The Mercantile and search around The Pioneer Woman’s lovely town. We shopped around for hours and ate in her restaurant which was WELL worth the wait. It was absolutely amazing and I’d eat these grilled cheese strips everyday.

I honestly don’t remember what this was but it was cream cheese and sugar covered and mouth watering.

can’t stop, addicted to the shindig

Welcome to the most amazing night of my life… up until now, because I’m sure there are greater things than a concert for my future. I have been waiting years to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers live AND I FINALLY GOT THE CHANCE. Exciting is an understatement because I am not sure there is a word to describe the magical evening I had with my lovely friend, Colleen A.

Rogers Arena made me realize how upset I was for not being alive 30 or so years ago when I could have seen them play a small show with a hundred or less people watching and be able to STAND on the floor instead of arranged seating. I wanted to groove and, mosh isn’t a suitable word, but whatever the equivalent is for a funk concert. I SO wish that I could have experienced them like that. But I was not born in the 80’s, so I am left to deal with this. However, it was completely worth it and I hope I can see them again very very soon.

I’ve loved their music for many years now, and their jams helped me through quite a rough period in my life. So, when they were coming within my province I jumped on that opportunity. I would do it over 100x if I could.