a resolution update

I’m mostly writing this to urge myself to finish my New Year resolution. 52 books in 2017. I’ve finished 24 books since the middle of February and I’m currently rereading a series. So… 26 books? Does that even count? I think it should. Ugh, I’ve been so busy this summer with work and some exploring that I haven’t had the time to read multiple books until the wee hours. That is until last night. And I’ll probably binge read for the remainder of my days off. I should be grateful that it’s books I’m addicted to and not something else. *shrug* 


acotar and throne of glass

Oh, wow. Months later, and I return. I did not succumb to the dark side but I did, however, take a long, long, looooong mental break from writing. I still wrote in my very personal handy dandy notebook, but I switched my attention towards getting more involved with reading. BOOKS! Not articles, and blog posts, and magazine recipes. Good old books. I may have gone a little over board and I lost many hours of sleep over these past months.

I made a resolution a few years ago and I was to read 52 books in the year. And do you think I accomplished that? Of course not. Are you kidding me? Ha ha ha. But this year, I was serious. All in or nothing. And oh, I went all in. I started out in February and racked my number up to twelve books to date. I am so proud of myself. Not because I obviously don’t have a life but because this is the most reading I have done in years. And Psych and Anthro books don’t count. I found myself absorbed into the young adult fantasy genre and I think I’ve found my niche. No wonder I had a hard time sticking to a book and not closing it up after a few chapters. I had not found MY kind of novel. I’m so, so happy I did.
img_1900Sarah J. Maas

I have simply fallen in love with Sarah J. Maas novels. I have my dear friend, Colleen to thank for that (virtual hug). The A Court of Thorns and Roses series is beyond wonderful and the third installment will be out in a few weeks! I won’t say much but GO READ THIS NOW if it’s your kind of thing. Feyre, the strong female protagonist with a bad ass story line will have you binge reading to see what happens next. I felt that I became a part of the enchanting world and love story that Maas created, and I didn’t want to leave. Being a faerie would be pretty neat, I decided shortly after book one. I’ll be rereading it before A Court of Wings and Ruins comes out on May 2!!!

I’m currently making my way through the Throne of Glass series by Sarah as well. I’m on book three and Maas’ storytelling draws me in, to the point where I am unaware of my surroundings. She paints some lovely characters and again, a strong female protag with some POVs from lovers, friends, and potential enemies. Even writing this, I wonder why the hell I’m doing this and not reading instead. Hmmph.

img_1899Sarah J. Maas

Stay tuned for some photos and blurbs from the beginning of my year.