wandering in the woods.


San Josef Bay. Brent posing with his berry book for this candid shot.

 It seems that I have simpy fallen off the face of this earth. In reality, I am sitting at home with a beer while munching on a bag of sour cream & onion chips, which is kind of the same thing if you think about it. It’s super exciting… I know. It’s also my last day off before I leave for a little hiking extravaganza..

47km through the wilderness will be occupying my weekend. Living off roasted squirrel and berries like a mad man. Just kidding. I’ll be eating porridge and jerky, none of that freeze dried bullshit.  I’m starting to get nervous. Not because I think it will be difficult, I know that, but because of the wild animals. I. Fucking. Hate. Bears. I’ve never been really close to one but the fact that they exist is enough to scare the hell out of me. Cougars are pretty freaky animals too. And wolves. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY WILD ANIMALS IN BC? WHY?! I’d like to march peacefully to my own drum without having to be all sketchy and loud to ward off animals. On a lighter note, I am really looking forward to this tiny adventure with my backpacking partner.

Mother staring off into the sunset.

Between dragonboating, which is awesome by the way, and work, I haven’t done a whole lot this summer. Visits with the family and some nice weather have been wonderful. I’m just kind of throwing random things out there now because I’m not that exciting and I don’t know what to write about. I just felt like… I should write something. Anything. So there you go. I hope to come back from backpacking with a bunch of cool, artsy photos (not) to share.

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I got stuck with all of the water, the leftover Pepsi (wtf), and the remaining rum. Savvy packers we are.


garden, garden, garden.

Hello! It’s been a while… (since I could hold my head up high). Does anybody else always sing that phrase?  But it has been a while. Over a month to be exact. Oops. I’m not really that sorry. The sun is out, some of my plants are dying (typical), and Leia has turned into a little Lucy… if you know what I mean. Do not let her fluffy appearance fool you. She has most definitely gone to the dark side.

School is finished for a few months and I can finally focus on some things that aren’t anthropology and history! I have started my garden and most of them are living. Right now I have: broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, AN AVOCADO that is just a seed and a sprout, a raspberry bush from the wonderful Autumn, and some various flowers. So far, I have everything in pots on the deck so the puppy won’t destroy the plants. I have a small garden area out front that I planted wildflowers in. I’m so excited to see things start to grow and I just hope that all the rain will help them flourish and not drown everything.

Also, completely off topic, but if you like awesome stuff, coffee and wine then you should check out Nocking Point Wines which is run by two very cool dudes (ahem, Green Arrow). It’s where I got my soy candle in a stemless wine glass. 🙂

no kitteh, this is my pot pie.

So, this whole writing thing is turning out to be a lot harder than I expected. Most of the time I find things that are more important, like homework or T.V. I’M ALMOST CAUGHT UP ON GREY’S ANATOMY and I might cry. I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when I can’t binge watch it and spend my afternoons with Meredith. Sigh…


Leia went on her first long-ish walk today (not a three minute stroll down the road) and she did AWESOME and she’s going to be the perfect little hiking companion. She swam in the ocean and chased sticks and didn’t even try to eat the slugs (thank god). I know she’s just a puppy but she sure is a lot of work. I feel for all the mothers out there who deal with WAY more shit than I have to… Literally. Bless all your hearts.

Anyways, she looks like a little badass in her new harness. I probably sound like a crazy dog lady and you know what, maybe I am. This is really just an excuse to post cute photos of her. I won’t lie.

princess leia


WE ARE IN LOVE! Meet Leia, the goldendoodle. I wanted to name her Obi Wan. That was the name I had picked out whether she was a girl or boy, but Jordan would have none of that shit… even though he wanted to call the dog Carly. Because that’s so much better.

“Carly… stop peeing on the floor!!!”

Yeah, I don’t think so.

Leia was the decided name. She is the most adorable ball of fur, even though she is chewing on everything, which is to be expected. Pretty soon there may very well be no table legs or railings. Right now she’s sleeping, thank god. She’s like a toddler running around eating everything she finds. ROCK? Probably not… MUSHROOM? NO. This brown stuff? Yep, that looks like poop. Earth is one humongous hazard. THERE IS POTENTIAL IN EVERYTHING. How do people bring babies into this world?

On another note. I was going to share photos of the garden I’m starting inside, but everything has been relocated to higher ground until a can find suitable shelving that she won’t destroy.

I am going to be bombarding everyone with puppy photos. BE PREPARED.


“hello, is it me you’re looking for?”


(I sure hope so.)

I’ve thought about starting a blog for years now, but I kept asking myself what I would write about. My cooking is subpar. My photos usually look like shit. If the West Coast blesses me with a sunny day, then they may be half decent. My teacups and growing Star Wars collection don’t quite make the cut. But writing on the other hand…I wanted to switch from notepad thoughts to something I could share with family and friends. So… ta-DA! (emphasis!). I introduce to you my new and improved notebook.

I could write and not give a damn whether someone else is reading or thinks it’s any good. That’s how I talk. I will continue to talk about the stupidest things even if there’s no one listening and that’s perfectly fine with me; it doesn’t make me shut up. Okay, maybe I should learn to filter important thoughts.

Anyways… I decided to embark on this path.  I’ll write my little heart out and fill the blanks with some mediocre photos of my everyday life that will consist of some failed recipes and attempts at trying to be creative. But hey, if you want to tag along… or not, be my guest. I welcome you to my rambling journey.